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Game stuck on my move

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    In this game, I played the move 25.Bxh7.  The board shows my move, the move list shows my move, but my time is still running down.  The submit move button is lit up, but I can't click on that or the cancel button.

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    I've fixed this for you. It's my understanding that this can happen if one of the opponents is running an outdated version of the app on a mobile device. 

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    Thank you very much.

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    I am having the same issue heaps using my ipad. I have had to resign several times even when I have had a clear lead. When will this issue be sorted for the ipad?



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    Hi Kieran, I don't see any current games where you are having this issue, but when you are playing on the iPad are you navigating to Chess.com using Safari or are you playing through the app? 

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    I am playing through the app.

    Are you able to see which games i have chatted to the other player? Generally the only time I have communicated with the other player is when i have had this problem and the conversation will track the difficulty i am having. I have not chatted every time I have had this problem, just some of them, but it should give you an idea of the problem. Sometimes i just try to shut down and reinstate the WiFi. Rarely this has helped.

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    Hi, I'm having the same problem too (http://www.chess.com/echess/game?id=61085458). It's the first time it's happened, and I can't alter it from my computer or my phone...

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    Quickee, I've fixed this for you -and I've sent your opponent a message about this. :)

    Keiran, unfortunately the chat in Live Games is not saved once the game window is closed. Will you uninstall the app and re-install it from iTunes and see if that resolves this for you, please?

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    ok ill give that a go.

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    3 tmes i met the same prblm... is opponents doing anything to stuck it ?


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