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Game Types

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    Please explain game types.  Thank you.

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    What do you mean? There's Online Chess, Chess960, Live Chess modes... which ones do you need more info about? :)

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    When you write game types, are you referring to:

    Open games?

    Closed Games?

    Semi-closed Games?

    or are your referring to player game types:

    Positional players?

    Tactical players?

    or is it something else?

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    Oh, I assumed the question was much more limited in scope. :p

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    or as I consider my games in two categories. horrible games and lousy games

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    TonyH wrote:

    or as I consider my games in two categories. horrible games and lousy games

    Same here, except I would add, "the ones where I got lucky".

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    Well Angel. . .

    There is only one REAL game of chess: the standard and noble game (noble because it has not been touched by the blasted dice or playing cards).

    In chess.com you find a Blitz chess and a 960 chess (I think that is the name) which are sort of "pinball" games. In Blitz you play agaisnt the time (the shorter the time per move the "blitziest" the game is) . The other I do not know or have bothered to know what are. And there is another.

    These are entertainment games. Like if for fun we play baseball with four outfilders or basketball with a soccer ball.


    --according as to how you start the game (openings) you may name the game differently: Ruy Lopez. Viena, Bishop, etc

    .—according as to how the opponent answer you have the (defenses) you have the french, the Petroff, etc defenses

    --if you make a special sacrifice of a piece you have the "gambits"

    Any other information? Just ask.


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