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Glitch in live chat.

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    For the past six months there's been a glitch with my chat service at the end of live games.

    Has any one else been experiencing the problem when after the last move or if the clock runs out at the end of a live chess game, that the chat goes hay wire for a few seconds ? Or is it just mine ?

    It never used to do this until about 6 months ago when the whole site got updated. Before i could keep chating fluently and comment to my opponent about the game while the computer put up the results. But now, it happens every time, i try to say thanks or gg after a game but buy the time chat service is back online the opponent has moved on. And probably thinking im a rude sack.

    So is it just my situation or does chat service in live chess need some bugs ironed out ?

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    nope, my computer doesn't do that.

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    I also face the same problem on about 50% of my games, it seems as though we are auto removed form the game chat, i havent been able to figure out why it only happens sometimes and not others, however i do believe that staff are working on getting this issue fixed.

    Also please ensure your using Firefox or chrome



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    ah yeh, o.k . . . so it's not just me.

    yes i am using Firefox.

    i will go with it for a couple more weeks and if it's still a problem i can tell it to technical support.

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    GypsyDance, the redesign didn't affect live chess.

    When your game happens, what does the game chat look like? Does the text entry line go grey or are you just not able to type in it?

    Can you give me more information about where you said 'chat service is back online'


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    Hi kohai . . . . thanks for responding.

    At the start and during a game chat works fine. To chat I have a small box for writing in bellow a larger box that has my name and opponents name with indication of rated or unrated game and point value of a win, draw or loss.  

    Usually there is a bleeping ( I ) in the writing box, i'm sure the bleeping    ( I ) has a technical name but I don’t know what it is. Anyway when i type in the typing box I can either click an arrow on the right side of  the box or press “enter” and my message will show in the larger box above.

    And this process usually has a quick response like, when I press “enter”, in 1 or 2 seconds my message will show up in the larger chat box. And during the game I am able to type instantly and my letters and words show in the type box.   

     But when the last move has been made or if the timer runs out, the bleeping ( I ) thingy disappears and I am unable to type anything in the type box for about 6 seconds and if I had words in the type box about to “enter” they disappear and I have to type it out again. 

    So it seems to be when the computer is detailing the results and the results appear over the chess board that somewhere in that process my chat function goes down.

     I know this sounds a bit trivial but the system used to operate smoothly for me and the chat service would keep flowing regardless of the stage at play. And it’s frustrating especially when I have to re-type something and by the time I get to enter, my opponent has gone.

     I am using Firefox and I don’t think it’s just my computer because it does it on another computer as well.

     Looking forward to your suggestions . . . . Gypsy.



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    The beeping is likely to be coming from the game if you have sounds enabled.

    When you're reading this, look directly up at the very top of the browser, click where it shows Help.

    File - Edit - View - History - Bookmarks - Tools - Help

    When the drop down box appears, click where it says 'About Firefox.'

    Can you tell me which version its showing you using please?

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    I didn't say beeping, I said bleeping. Not a beeping sound, but bleeping site. Or maybe it's a blip. Yep, come to think of it i reckon its a blip~blip~blip....

    Any way 'About Firefox' says 13.


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