High CPU usage


I am experiencing high CPU usage when playing,it doesn't matter what browser I am using,tried with Opera,Firefox,Chrome results are allays the same,CPU usage skyrockets to 60-70% and CPU units in performance monitor are also extremely high at 25 to over 30.I am only having this problem while playing chess on Facebook.It's Intel I5 processor of 5th generation and i have 8GB of RAM so there should not be problems with this at all.Does anyone have same problem,or maybe solution to this problem?


Did you try turning it off and back on again? Sorry, lol. Try playing directly from Chess.com


Maybe this is a bit late but I experience the same problem though I'm playing directly on chess.com. Has been a problem for maybe two weeks now. The computer slows down significantly which is annoying when playing blitz or bullet. Have you found any solution? I cannot find any other forum discussing this topic.


Same problem here. CPU around 60%, and the browser window that is hosting Chess.com uses 2GB of memory. Playing Bullet is impossible.


? I'm using smart phone only. I didn't experience high CPU usage at all.


the cpu overload on every browser is a real problem, making the site unfair and unplayable.- sort it out



Guys, do not ask the CHess.com to sort this out, that is the way they earn Money, we are playing free...!

YET... this is KILLING


intel i9 CPU, Chrome's chess.com tab taking "101%" of CPU, and 2GB RAM. Look, I get that in-game ads support the site, but no one is going to see the ads if they can't play.


This isn't the first time we've seen this problem, btw. It comes up all the time. If it's the app, test the updates better. If it's it ads, find a way to keep malware out of the ads. Mining bitcoin at 100% of my CPU doesn't play nice with... well, anything.


your are quite right !



This might have something to do with the data mining, google analytical process, for the ads. But it seems they took so many things from Cc Free users, so its not only ordinary data mining. perhaps profiling is the right word for those google analytical processeswink.png


agreed. allowing unverified javascript in ads? 2GB RAM and 100%+ CPU in a chess.com browser tab? are they mining freaking bitcoin? unusable.


1) Ad blocker

2) pi-hole

if you have an intel i9 you either have big pockets or are nerdy and should know how to set up a pi-hole or ad blocker.


No, not mining bitcoin, they`re complete their task to mining yer data, include tracking yer location. Smartphone especially android already have the gps onboard, so smartphone users don't have to experience this overloaded traffic from google cloud.

About using ad-blocker, It just,I feel itiz unethical.

Beside the high CPU process only happen if you play in live chess, where the "ping" is available.


@JAurelius: Unhelpful. If an i9 is unreasonably overpowered, as you seem to imply, then it should be obvious the site needs fixing. But instead you are recommending all users block the ads so chess.com doesn't make any money from you? Do that stuff in your closet, don't recommend everyone do it for you.


and just for the record, i9 is only current; and is neither magically delicious nor magically malware blocking


wait what is CPU?

NubbyChessking wrote:

wait what is CPU?


Central Processing Unit, the computer's processor.


oh thanks