How do I get "Points"?

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    I'm one point closer.  Or is this considered a spammy method?  By the way, Monty Python likes Spam.
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    How many people are there actually who work for
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    When we reach 100 posts, could you give each contributor to this thread, (more like a string now) a sleeve of a shirt? It's about one tenth of the T-shirt!
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    All that happened when I got to a 1000 points was that I made a mental note to myself to get some fresh air once in a while...Laughing
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    I passed my first millenium a while back. It was quite uneventful.


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    I just got my 100th and am wondering why I waste so much time getting them
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    I;m curious to know what's inscribed on the T shirt? Kiss


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    i'm typing a comment, i get a point. ps. if you live in a different country, do you still get the prize.
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    hold on....... I want that shirt
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    Hey Eric, friends?
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    Erik, is it true?  You aren't giving out T-Shirts for getting to 1000 points?  Cry  
    lol, jk.  It's fun just participating in the forums and competing with my friends for points.  Laughing  I do think it would be useful to have something like a point-redemption program, though, except then it would be hard to see how many points someone has actually earned.  Hmmmm...
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    wow a t-shirt!

    Get in there!!!!

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    Good idea shadowc, but I will gladly take the T-shirt if I ever reach there and wear it with prideCool
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    i agree!| please all go the forum titled tournaments to help me out i sortta stuck!
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    Is shiping cost included?
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    la la la
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    blah blah blah gimmieapoint blah blah onlyonemeaslypoint blah blah blah.
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    This forum has become really stupid.  If you have a question about points or something that's actually worth hearing, say it, but don't spam the forums just to get points.  


    Erik, is there a setting where you can report a spam comment?

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    smoozing. it's related to your interest in chess vs. &/or, as opposed to your desire to play chess. being rather new to the neighborhood, may i ask, "T-shirt?"
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    Okay, so you're saying that if I reach 1000 points I will get a free t-shirt. Are there any more prizes?


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