how do i install stockfish

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    pfren wrote:

    chessx is a fine application, nice looking, very stable, almost fullfeatured. The only thing it's lacking currently is a native database format- it uses exclusively PGN, which being plaintext is not suitable for really large databases (huge text files are quite difficult to manage). Some SQL based database format would be most welcome.

    What's the best free database out there?  And can it compare to Chesstempo or chessgames?  I think you are the man to ask.

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    FromMuToYou wrote:

    Just to add my 2¢.. PyChess, Gnome, Eboard, and many other GUIs in the repos are very lacking and not at all designed for anyone but the casual chess player.  When I first hopped onto Linux I was testing everything in the repo with "chess" in the description one by one and it was perpetual disappointment.  I'll have to check out that chessx though, maybe I missed it when I was trying everything because I don't recall the name.

    Yes I agree. The database oriented programs (Scid, Scid vs PC) are a bit steep with learning curve while those oriented for playing (xboard, eboard, PyChess etc.) will fail to satisfy once the newbie progresses to a level where he starts using databases. Many are apparently dead projects too like eboard, and most of them crash too often.


    Something I find a bit disappointing is how many of these projects provide precompiled binaries for Windows and Mac but only sources for Linux users, asking them to compile and install. I can imagine that many non-technical Linux users (thanks to Ubuntu) could give up at this point and run something like Arena on WINE or dual-boot/switch to Windows.


    But Scidb and ChessX are looking very promising. All in all we Linux users have it good since we can run many Windows apps too under Linux, as well as native apps.

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    Yea ChessX is nice. I like it a lot.

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    i have tried several times to install stockfish on my laptop but in vain.Am using windows 8 and am now confused.does it work on windows 7 or even on 8.what is recquired to install it. help plizzz!!

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    Download Lucas Chess(or any of the other chess programs) then "install" StocKfish into Lucas or Arena or any of the other programs that chess engines run through. I used to pimp Arena. I really like that program. But Lucas Chess has really grown on me. It has some really nice tactics exercises installed. And it's easier to get started on Lucas than Arena. I like them both. So take your pick or search out something else that suits you.

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    thanx @spiritbro 77. arena has worked

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    I run Fritz 12 portable with Houdini 4. I wanted to update to Stockfish 6. Downloaded it from the official site and tried to create a new UCI in Fritz but it wouldn't let me. It said sth like "xenocode error 0xD0000002" or whatever. Tood bad. I really wanted to use Stockfish

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