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How does the Bullet Game clock always run faster for me?

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    It's the lag on this site that drives me crazy. I keep seeing my opponent's clock run down to 0 then **I** lose!

    I try rectifying that by premoving every single move, and still lose on time. Sometimes, I lose on the board too. Really frustrating. 

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    Hi all,

    Please note I am NOT saying that they hack my clock / my computer; but they do "something" to the server and make either slow down their clock or give false "data" to make me lose on time. I gave a game as an example. Please go through that post & the game I mentioned here.I had many Loss on time when the opponent's clock reached 0, with few sec on my clock when their clock reached 0 but I lost on time.



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    KSBK wrote:

    Hi Shepi13 & Waffllemaster,

    OK you are pretty good with computers, with "Some" programming knowledge of C++, Java, html & javascript. That's good, but do you know Hacking ??? Further some knowledge is not what is required here I suppose, you should know how to do it.
    And, Waffllemaster, yes you are either an idiot or paranoid because you didn't realize when others cheat on you and call others paranoid! ;-)

    I love how people who don't know what lag is can say that I don't have the required knoledge and call wafflemaster an idiot or paranoid.

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    I know what is Lag and all these happened when I have a very good connection - (1) I have a very fast Internet connection - Fiberoptic one, (2) When the Game shows excellent connection with Green Flag. I do check the state of the connection; if it is slow / High Lag I don't play game. I've read about it even from the Chess.com. 

    Sorry for the harsh words I used.



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    Guys, there is something wrong with your way of thinking.

    In terms of likeliness, "the chess.com servers were hacked" comes way after "my connection failed temporarily, and I wasn't aware of that because the green bar is updated by the servers - thus staying green even when I was disconnected". To my mind, no more serious that "the FBI / freemasons / elder of Zion has hidden evidence of extraterrests" vs. "a Texan farmer made circles in his crop to get attention".

    So whatever experience you might have, you need some serious proof before making fantastic claims.

    In the same vein, all the "he used a computer against me" (isn't it possible he jut beat you) ?

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    Well OK!!! finally  some one  admits  to having a  ..hack  to  time on chess.com  good  news  unless it is  a scam  and some of  you have  fallen for it  , please  be aware that even if  you get up  to  1250 or better  no time hack will help .. only  thousands of  games  were you become  alert of  a few fatal  openings by your  challenger , so  in  all likely hood  you will only  enjoy  beating 1200 and under , tips  yes  use  pre-move  as well as the   setting  for  a quick queen , have no other programs  running ,  clear  cache often , start  with  a solid pre move opening  and learn  good  tactics  for  defense or  a good pin or check , and pay  attention  to  the  10 sec  you have to close   and pre-move  again to avoid  a mate if  possible  , consider 1 min a gift  and learn to play  in 40 sec instead , watch  bishop and queen attacks  , prepare  for  challengers  castling  , attack that side  , if  check mates by  brilliant moves is your thing  play 10 min games , it is all to frustrating  to continue to lose , by hacks , lag , and playing  some one else's computer program  , but  my best  advice ..is  to block any one  beating  you  by 25 sec , the more  we all block the  cheaters  the more the  real games  can get on their  way ! and  you  will not have to face  defeat by a cheater  , if  uncertain , look for clues  , the  name of  your  challenger ...gm1993773553537 or  some thing of that  nature  , click on their  site  , i often do  and  see others  posting on their  site of  miss using  the clock  , so  to  some it up  pre-move is  art for  a good opening , as long  as you  are  aware that  your  queen may become  available  and  you have pre-moved to far in advance  to protect her  , check  and check  again  , listen , not look  for the ten  second count down  , run away from  any  mate even  with  pre-move  , have  a friend  observe  your games  with one  eye on  your  challengers  clock  if possible, but  still do this  for fun..ill add if  you are not  prepared play 3 or 4 10 or  15 min games before playing  a one  min game to allow the mind a chance to gather instinct on your  game .

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    i have noticed , i moved my peice in seconds and after movement of oponent my clock directly lags 15 seconds immediately ,some thing is wrong or some network issue would be there, but this is happening every time, is that some thing to do with points,

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    It's a conspiracy.

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    DamonevicSmithlov wrote:

    It's a conspiracy.

    That's EXACTLY what I was thinking!

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    Yes theres some problem from several day...
    I was 14++ and suddenly, i cannot win more than 1050, because of time...

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    Well i dont understand...

    I was 14++

    And now, looks like 1050 players are better than opponent at 1450 :

    did they receive for chritmas some good cheat software ?


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