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how does the timer work on daily chess?

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    I'm playing a game where each player has 3 days to play.
    Does the timer only run when they are logged in to chess.com?
    Does it only run when they open our game?
    It's taking absolutely ages. We've been playing for around 10 days
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    Three days for each move, except if they go on vacation.  Games usually take weeks, sometimes months to complete.  So no, it's not 3 days in total, but for each move.  Folks try to craft master level games.  Not for everyone obviously...

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    Aha ok now I understand. So they have to make one move every 3 days. Not too bad as I have the victory almost guaranteed with maybe only 3-4 more moves left until checkmate. Thanks
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    Glad to help.  I remember a player with the same concern who was setting his alarm clock for the middle of the night to check on his game out of fear that his 3 days would run out.....


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