How to change the size of chatbox?


This problem was already a headache, but now it has become a hindrance to playing bughouse chess.


During bughouse chess, you want to be able to chat with your partner. There is no point of playing bughouse otherwise, at all. During bughouse games, I have had to pull up (increase the size of) the chatbox to allow more space for messages. Although it was a pain in the neck to do that before every session, but it was still ok.


Since yesterday, the chatbox size seems to have been locked and wouldn't increase at all. When I place the mouse pointer on the boundary region, the cursor changes into resize icon, but no matter how hard I try to pull it up, the chatbox size won't change. What is the issue here?




same problem


Yup, it's good that the other game is bigger, but it shouldn't be at the cost of chat.




Lol. 2 years they cannot fix this stupid bug


You would think that a super basic chat box wouldn't be so hard to program in 2022 almost 2023. These are problems that have been worked out for 15-20 years on pretty much every other site. It's not like they are a small startup with no resources to work with either.