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I can't see the chessboard. What's the reason?

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    O.k. so here is the problem-

    I had been offline for a really long time maybe for 1-1/2 years due to some computer and internet connectivity problems at the same time.After those problems were fixed i updated the browser and lots of other components.When i came back on chess.com the website appeared changed to me i logged-in to my account and attempted to play live chess and also tried to join some blitz games but i failed to do so. the chessboard starts loading and then it is loading yet.... it is loading for eternity.Is the problem related to Java or windows?

    BTW i stll have Win-Xp and it may be some time before i may be able to update it.

    Please help!

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    What browser are you using? You could give Chrome or Firefox a try.

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    Stoeptegeltje wrote:

    I am already using Firefox. I currently have Firefoz 30.0 and i have updated it just a while ago.i am able to play against computer but not able to play any of the live games.i started chess mentor and tactics trainer but when i drag a piece it shows some kind of problem.I drag forward and pieces move left or right.when i try to enter the moves by clicking it doesn't respond after first or second try.

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    You could try Chrome, it has a different engine based on webkit.

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    Stoeptegeltje wrote:

    "You could try Chrome, it has a different engine based on webkit."


    I installed google chrome and its working with chess mentor.played a few games and it is working well right now.However i still have to wait for the tactics trainer as i am not a premium member right now and i have already completed my 3 tactics of a day.But i think chrome should work with it as well.

    Thanks for the help.


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