I need a new computer??


Hope you can help me decide?  I am using a Dell lap top computer, I know that's old fashion,  it's window's 10. I am having this problem, when on chess.com, is when I only seem to have this problem, I even gave up my diamond membership, because no support from chess.com. 


So when I am on chess.com periodically my computer freezes up on me, then 20-30 seconds later a message appears at the bottom of the page, "restore web page". Also when I am typing a message, the letters do not appear at the moment I type, but shows up eventually.  Things work at slow motion most of the time. What's going on here?? I have been a member since 2010, and had two other computers in that time and never had a problem with being on Chess.com.   So if no one here is experiencing this issue it must be my computer, that is all I am trying to find out. I even purchased CCleaner, that did not make a difference.  Thanks for any opinions!!


What browser?


Also, check out the following that may help some.



It's about disconnects but some of the other suggestions can assist with other issues of lag.



When you say browser, does that mean like I have windows, or my internet connection which is CenturyLink?   I do go to Google to link up with chess.com.But I am not using Chrome


Browser is the software you use to view the site. So, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge (among many others). Then knowing the version may help.


That said, Chrome and Firefox are suggested and keeping them up-to-date is best. Though, sometimes they make some modifications that might cause slowness as well (I occasionally get the typing stutter/lag for example).


Thanks very much so, and how do I go about to update Google, and should I upgrade to google chrome?


Now that I think about it, I used FireFox in the pass, I think I will try that and see if there is a difference. Thanks for the suggestions, might save me buying a new lap top and still have the same problemscry.png

GhostNight wrote:

...might save me buying a new lap top and still have the same problems

i fear that would happen... i have a fast computer and internet but i also suffer similar problems.

you might want to consider joining these groups, you'll see the kind of problems others are experiencing. 





Are you in V3, or still in V2, V2 may be the reason you are not getting any replies from Chess.com



 Gambit-man, I did what Martin suggested switched to Google Chrome from Google, every thing is working like it did over the years, great, for how long I do not know but right now I am a happy camper! 

But now you have me interested in chess.com with beta. What is it? does it make chess.com worked better? Is that Eric that is head man from chess.com that is a SA for that group? I am now full time V3, have not gone back to V2 for two months or longer!  I do not think V3 was the problem but changing to the better browser and now I am trying to keep my computer updated, seen to be making the difference right now, yaaaa!!!


well it's good that you got things working... if things go wrong again you know where to go.

yes, it is indeed @erik who is SA for both those groups, if you are having problems with v3 then he'd like to hear them ;-)


Hi roundtuit, one of my most important and nicest friends on chess.com!  I will be turning 78 this Dec 30, my lucky number, lolo   I do not know much about computers but I do know how much I love and appreciate playing chess with others all over the world, and really I do not need a computer if not for chess and maybe ordering things on line I cannot get local!  I do not go anywhere else with my computer, but might ask a question about a subject, like what is a hernia, lolo, that's what I got last year.  But is so refreshing to be able to play and talk to all the great people on this planet that love chess like I do, and I learned much here, never realized how ignorant I am/was until I came here!!!


Oh, and I am going to renew my premium membership, I dropped because I thought my problems were chess.com's end, and no one cared, too many members and I am just a pea in the pot. Not so, and I am so grateful.  

How important chess is to me, when in the military we were coming back from a mission, and our aircraft started having very serious issues, and I really did not think I would ever see my loved ones again. Started to write a goodbye letter to my wife, then realize no one would ever find it, I was never so nervous when you just have to sit there and wait to find out live/die?? Then I remembered I had a pocket cardboard mini chess game in my field jacket. Took it out and started playing against myself, time went by I forgot to be nervous and I am still here, guess we made it backwp.png bp.png Not sure if black won or white????


Hi GhostNight !!....I hope ur keeping well out there & I hope u gitcher problem fixed....happy.png .

I'll thinka u on 12/30 as it's my older sister's B-Day too !

We've been friends now for @ least a few years now....4sum reason I thought u said u had dachshunds & not terriers.

BTW, chrome & V3 helped my out alot. If I get slowpokey, I quik-quik x-out & relog in and that does it. 


Thanks Ghostess, I will remember that when it gets slowpokey!  Mini schnauzers... Have a great Christmas with friends!!


i had problems using safari,and switched to chrome and fixed the problem, thanks for your service,



 Hi Bob, I will be 76 myself in Feb, I have dabbled in computers for a few years now, but with age, and things moving so fast, I just hope I can keep up with what i need to do for a few more years, and thanks for your kind words mate