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I won but got no rating ?

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    I won on time but even so I should still get some rating gain. It's my most recent finished game. Any help as to what happened?

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    Why does that matter ? Other websites as punishment or at least convince reasons one or both players ratings still get adjusted

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    Do you play UNRATED GAME?If you play this rating can't goes up or down.

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    It was rated

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    oh ok

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    @OP: Since no moves were played, no Chess occurred. No player's rating should be adjusted in that case, because ratings are a measure of a playing strength.

    Imagine if a player had many such games, and that the rating adjusted with each one. If a 1500-rated player managed to gain many rating points in this way, such as 500 or 800 points, then he could be rated as high as 2300 without having played any moves! That player would then be matched against much stronger opponents without having demonstrated an ability to handle them.

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    I'm quite sure you have to play 4 moves for the game to be rated, UNLESS on the rare occasion a checkmate happens before this.


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