igoogle chess


what's igoogle chess, i have it on my igoogle home page, i don't get it you log in automatically as anonymous and  you actually play games

this is weird, it actually counts on the ratings, can you reset it every time you delete and add it and you have your rating again as 1200?

this doesn't seem right, because i searched that name and it didn't show up, only someone of something else


iGoogle chess


so many views yet  only 2 comments


Three! iGoogle is cOol


my igoogle chess isn't working .I gust get blank page!!!!


Which browser and version are you using?

Have you tried clearing cookies and history, then refreshing the page?

When did this first start happening?


how do u get i google n if u have chess.com do u have to sighn up for it all over again n ive dl google chrome but how do u make it work n tell me exactly how please