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Interactive Map Issue

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    One of my online friends - berniel - lives in the UK.  On the interactive map, he's shown as living somewhere in Southern India!





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    Is this something about chess? 



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    If it was something to do with chess, it would be in one of the chess forums smart arse!

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    I noticed these things.  I actually live in wolverhampton, but appear to live in leeds.  The only time I checked out an opponent was someone else near me who wasnt even on the map.  How do chess.com know where people come from anyway? 
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    I'm guessing it's tied up with whatever might be in your profile regarding location.  Still, Wolves <-> Leeds is quite a small error when compared with my friend!!

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    it first looks at your location in your profile. if it doesn't find one, it uses your IP address :) and these things are very hard to have be 100% accurate.
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    Oh for sure, but 3,000 miles is a big miss.  Still, it doesn't seem to bother Berniel and it doesn't bother me. I was just wondering
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    ah... the last scenario is if they have no location, and no known IP address, then they get put at latitude/logintude of 0, which is off the coast of africa... :)

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