Issue with Dual Accounts



I registered on this site a couple years ago. And then this site became available through Facebook. The issue I am having is that when i tried to link my Facebook account to this site, it created a new account for me, instead of linking to my original account.

I wanted to know if it was possible to delete the original account or delete the facebook one and link it to my original instead. I am unable to get alerts through my email regarding the facebook account due to the fact that my email is linked to my original account.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Try to follow this post, written by staff a year ago. I hope it still works:

5th November 2010, 06:09am
by kohai International
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Go into your facebook account, then into your Account page from there. At the bottom on the left it says

"Merge Facebook/Chess Accounts

Merge your two accounts into one..."

Use that, but please make sure if you're entering an email address that it IS the one attached the the account you want to merge with