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Lagging Factor

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    I was connecting possibly tethering through my phone while at work( in the bush) I am not sure what a proxy server is, if that is considered it or not.  Either way i was upset but have since learned that when I am not at home or on a stable network this is the price I must pay and it isnt the sites fault.  Thanks Piotr

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    I'll add something. Make sure you check your CPU for either things like "speedstep" or if it is overheating. I'm not talking about red hot, but just enough to increase your fan RPMs. I takes a lot of hardware interrupts and that will cause "lag".

    Also, video drivers and mouse drivers have to be spot on, or you may have lag which is really due to the mouse or video.

    Anyway, it can be very frustrating, expecially in 1m games, but it is what it is.

    Those are some things that often don't get much mention, but may help you if you want to try some other things.


    Thanks Erik for this great site!

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    CMerli wrote:

    Despite assurances in this thread the lag issue has not been resolved.  I am still losing games entirely on lag.  ICC never seems to have this issue.

    ICC implemented appropriate measures before I started playing there in 1999. BTW, I played one minute on ICC with a dial-up connection and had fewer problems with lag than I have on a good day with cable internet on Chess.com.

    Perhaps the problem is inherent to playing via a website, rather than a server. I supect the size of the packets that must be sent is the critical factor. 

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    My poor connection frequently has stolen my points. Look at my game below:


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    Man, this is really tiring. I'll give you an unlike and unfollow ;)

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    whenever i go on this site latley i have lag which means i lose my blitz games on time and its getting worse, i may have to leave


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