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    Can someone point me to a PGN reader for Mac OS X if one exists?

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    XBoard will compile and run on OSX.

    I am not a Mac user, so I cannot advise you but here's the link:

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    xboard was a little beyond my "double-click and go" limitations. But - I found an excellent free chess engine for Macs that is right up my alley: download, drag & drop to install, double-click and go. It will replay pgn files and do a lot of other chess stuff too... I'm a happy camper.

    Here's a link:

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    Many thanks, Denigo.  I've been fishing for something like this.

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    yw :)  I'm liking this program more and more...  the free lite version more than meets all my chess needs. Position editor, pgn reader/maker, novice to "stomps-my-butt" play strength, it's all I'll ever need.  And if by some miracle, I ever get good enough to need all the features of the full version, the upgrade fee is very reasonable.

    btw - There are instructions in the documentation for creating custom board tiles and pieces, so it also aroused my artistic muse...  I quickly whipped up a fully customized set using the free OS X resource editor "Rezilla" and Photoshop.

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    I think Sigma Chess is also a good option

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    Shredder offers a NICE system for MAC and Linux, although it isn't free.

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    ALSO, I believe SCID works with MAC.  Google "SCID download".  It's free.

    NVM, found it:

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    sigma chess worked for me

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    Only problem I have with sigma is that on my mac is crashes like, every three seconds. I am going to try out Hiarcs and see if it works.

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    Er, ya but most of us are running OSX to avoid Windoze.....(and Vista isn't free, either)

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    Some years and months after the topic, I'm in the same situation: impossbile to read a pgn with a mac.... Is somebody here has a good (and free?) solution?

    Thans a lot!

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    paquetdefrite, the answer I have is free if not entirely good just now - have you tried using the site's PGN viewer Game Editor?

    You can paste in a PGN file (or FEN string) & see the position on the virtual board, then enter or delete moves with your own annotation. The only problem with it at the moment is that you can't promote but it's been reported & I'm told it should be fixed pretty soon.

    This may be of help..

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    Denigo wrote:

    Can someone point me to a PGN reader for Mac OS X if one exists?

    Chess X

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    For looking at your previous games, you can just go to your Game Archive and select the game you want to view. Then either just use the navigation buttons to go back and forth through the game, and/or click on "Analyze". 

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