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Resolved: Missing 'Team Comments' Tab on Group Vote Chess Game's Page ...

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    All the 'Team Comments' Tab are still missing from All my 78 Group Vote Chess Games' Pages .

    I'm not sure whether it's due to Browser Problem or otherwise .. I'm using latest Version of Mozilla Firefox.

    I have to refresh my page each time I want to make a Team Comment tho it's the default page.

    1 Example : http://www.chess.com/votechess/game.html?id=25319

    Juz to inform .. hope it gets fixed when possible.

    TNX SO MUCH !!!

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    this issue has been discuss in New Site Design Feedback

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    Tnx but I can't find the Discussion coz so many posts.

    Can u plz tell me if we r gonna hv the Team Comments Tab back n' why some people can see it but some cannot ?

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    you should be able to see "team comment tab" again

  • #5

    Ok,Hope so .. Tnx So Much !!! Smile

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    Yay .. 'Team Comment' Tab juz came back on All my VC Games Page ,with a nice light blue background color too  .. TNX ,Chess.com !!! Cool

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