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Mobile Chess App for Blackberry

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    Today (5/4/09) I downloaded the new version of Chess Mobile (version 1.2).  When the installation finished I ran the application and the main screen popped up as usual.  However, the application still claimed that a "newer version was still available" and that I needed to upgrade.

    I tried reinstalling the application.  No help.  I tried removing the application altogether prior to installing version 1.2.  No help either.

    Anyone else having this problem?

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    I had the exact same experience.

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    Do you guys point your mobile to chess.com/mobile? Cause I just did and the new version 2.0 came down just fine.

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    I had to download 2.0 over a couple of times. Now I have a freeze up problem.

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    Most likely the freeze is caused by the missing APN settings. However I dont know where to set that on a Blackberry.

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    Does anyone know what letters control the curson on BB storm in potrait? In landscape it's Q, spacebar, C, R, S, L; the potrait view as multiple letters on the same key so the above doesn't work. Incidentally, I am running version 2.1 and it works quite well except the keyboard covers the screen in landscape mode.


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