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Most recently online members in a group

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    I am trying to figure out how many members of a group are actually active. Under the old format, I could go to a group, click on members, sort them by "most recently online." and count the members that were active (online) most recently. I don't see this option any longer unless I am admin. Is there a way to still do this? Help would be very much appreciated ...

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    Hi DietMar,

    If you are not an admin, you can click on members, on the next page to your right, you will see a long box that says search members.  At the end of the box, you will see a little arrow, click on that.  On the next page to your left you will see in big letters the word  "Members"  Undernreath is a little box with another arrow at the end of it, click on that arrow and pick the way you want to arrange the members and then check them.  


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    Terry, you are awesome! I would have never found it there. You just made my life a heck of a lot easier. Thanks again!!

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    Your Welcome my friend.....


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