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Mouse doesn't work correctly.

  • #21

    Mine seems fixed, how's yours now?
    I think I did nothing about it... 

  • #22

    New idea about it. Some days ago i just set for all boards letters and numbers outside of it.. that might have moved the board?

  • #23

    Can you disable those add-ons and see if that helps?

  • #24

    Seems fixed, i'll tell you something later on. However, the only addon I have is chess.com toolbar...

  • #25

    No. Not fixed to me, this gets me kinda nervous. ( Well, i'm nervous on my onw, and failing because of the mouse doesn't help very much )


    Would you tell me just how to go back to default settings for every board ( online, live, tactics, mentor ) so i can hope to be able to play normally again ? 

  • #26

    And, note that i use chess.com on 3 different computers. None is safe from the mouseaint'working problem.

  • #27

    I've been having a problem with my cursor when I click on the piece to move the cursor jumps 2 squares higher and I can't let go of the piece I tried to pick up.

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  • #28

    Well, I just set everything as it was at start ( no letters and numbers in or out of board ) and it seems to be working. Still have to try live board, i will tonight.

  • #29

    Well, i finally had the courage to shut chess.com toolbar down, and everything works correctly.


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