my pawn can't turn to queen

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    this is not the first time when It happened, I reach with 4 different pawns to the moment of changing in queen or whatever! this is very frustrating, why that little pop up window  with the selection of pieces does not stay?????????????

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    which game was it ?

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    does it matter? the thing is that not working! and I can't remember which game was! clearly when I got beat up by time:( damn it!

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    Never happenned to me on this site. Although it happens in Yahoo Chess.

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    ...and I want to mention, that this thing happened in different games also, so tihs is not something arbitrary!:P

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    "thank you" for your 'help' in solving this problem!...

    ...and you want people to have decent behaviour!:P

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    You mean it just sits in the back rank, and stays a pawn? LOL! Look at the bottom of this thread or any other, click on help, and support, and report it that way.

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    mirceastephanc wrote:

    ...and I want to mention, that this thing happened in different games also, so tihs is not something arbitrary!:P

    But has it happened to anyone else?  Maybe you just don't know what you're doing.

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    I don't know what am I doin'?WT hell? I said very clearly people, try to read! When I am at the moment of changing the pawn into queen or whatever, that means when I try to move the pawn to the last row, that little pop up window is just flickering and does not stay for my selection, get it? Of course, that's not happening all the time, happened to me twice, and I assure you it will taking your nerve down:D... And about my help!... Those forums should have an admin right?... from, otherwise everyoane can start talkin' only craps:P

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    First of all, just because this is the "Help and Support" forum doesn't mean that it guarantees that a admin will see it.  Sometimes posts can get lost amidst the noise.  The only way to ensure that you get admin-level help is to submit a bug report using the "Help" link in the top corner of the page (in the grey area, next to "Logout").  The link that woodshover mentioned goes to the same location.  This also helps the site staff to track problems by placing them into specific categories and helps make sure that the right person sees the report.  Also, if a lot of people report the same thing, then it hints at a larger issue.  If it is only a few people, it may be a user-related problem.

    Secondly, you're not giving us much information.  You ask if it matters which game it is in.  Actually, it just might!  When asking for help, it is useful if you mention the following information (and possibly more):

    1.) Is this "Live" chess or "Online" chess?

    2.) What OS is your computer?  What browser are you using?  Is this a problem on the mobile app or just on a computer (or vice versa)?

    3.) What kind of internet connection do you have?

    4.) Are you doing anything else while playing chess?  (listening to music, streaming videos, etc.)

    5.) Does anyone else use your internet connection while you're on (i.e., a shared internet connection between multiple computers)?

    6.) Does promotion work sometimes or not at all?  Is it only when you're in a bit of a rush (this may indicate you're accidentally canceling something in your hurry)?  What about in the analysis board?

    7.) Would it be possible to get a record of it happening?  For example, some screen captures or, given the transitory nature of your problem, video of a game where this occurs.

    I understand your frustration, however you're not giving us enough to really help you.  And if we can't help you, then you really should submit an official report of the problem.

    It's like this.  Say you're having a problem with the heating at home.  You could ask your friends/family and they may be able to help out.  That's what this forum is like.  Or you could call an electrician to come take a look at the problem.  That's what the "Help" link I mentioned is like.

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    to omnipaul, well said, I couldn't have said it any better. "clap clap"  

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    I agree with kco (and omnipaul of course). What's up with people who expect help from total strangers without giving them the most basic info necessary to troubleshoot with? Just so I'm not totally negative here's a few more tips to try in the order listed

    1. Clear your browsers cache ( recommends using Google Chrome)

    2. Reboot the browser

    3. Try using a different browser

    4. Reboot the PC

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    thanks omnipaul! I thought that when I was asked about which game was it, that it reffers to who do I play with:P... Online chess of course...XP SP3, firefox,my connection is cable - it's too god:P, and I can't get anyscreen shot or if I do it you will see just a pawn somewhere near the end of the line or I should record every game I take because this issue does not ocure every time... and yes, sometimes I listen to music, and nobody uses my internet conection while I'm on....there's anything left?... thank also nimzoroy, I'll try using chrome for now on...

    thanks for your time and sorry for my incoherence...somewhat;)

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    sorry, the type of game is seems the same for me:P

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