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My Tactics Trainer is stuck?!

  • #1

    I keep getting the same problem over and over, but the problem is broken i make the first move then it won't budge.


  • #2

    pawppy, sorry about this. This has now been fixed :)

  • #3

    Apparently it's stuck again. The couple of days it freezes after a few tactics.

    I hope its fixable.

  • #4

    It seems a couple of them are stuck at the moment. Without the tactic ID it makes it really hard to locate it to get it removed.

    In your recent TT history, do you know which of those it was? 

  • #5

    It doesn't give me a #, best I can do is pgn from black's point of view.

    K1R5 - PPpn3P - 6P1 - 2q2P1p - 5Qp1 - 1p6 - 5Qp1 - 1p6 - pkr5 - 8

    The problem is also missing a report button.

  • #6

    It was the last or one preivious.

  • #7

    Thank-you for fixing it, the same tactic was mixed into todays group and worked properly.

  • #8

    We found it late last night :)  Thank you for all the help in locating it :)

  • #9

    It's happening again!


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