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Need to delete this account

  • #1

    This is an old account I must have made years ago, and forgot about. I would like to delete it.

    I have always used my main, Varelse1. With the same e-mail. But I have always logged in via facebook. No longer an option apparently. Frown (Why not?)

    I cannot remember what password Varelse1 had. And for some reason I cannot change the password of Varelse1. Only this one.

    The other account is the one all my friends know me by. As well as everyone in my group. And I have I think 19 online games waiting for me to move.

    If this account was deleted, perhaps I could change the password of my main.

    Thank you in advance.

  • #2

    I am also experiencing problems now that the Facebook login stopped working. The account I've used ( uniqueusernameqweqw ) doesn't seem to be tied to any of my e-mail adresses, and no password credentials I usually use works to log in.

    Since the account is tied to my credit card I'd very much like to know how to access it, or to delete it and transfer the subscription to this account...


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