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New Android App

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    Also, many people have reported bugs in the IOS apps. Some of them appear legitimate. Most have not received any response from the staff.



    / I am hope that this will be seen by Alien_Roger from the Staff.  I am not trying to sidetrack this thread about the Android app.

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    notmtwain wrote:

    Shouldn't there be a dedicated forum for comments/bug reports/ suggestions about the apps?  With 87,000 reviews on Google Play, is that the best place?  Is there any way for you to make sense of that many comments/complaints (on Google Play)? Or do you just have to read each one and make note of any reasonable suggestions?  How would you know if there were a lot of complaints about one issue? If an App forum can't be added, couldn't the forum order be changed so that "Site Feedback and Suggestions" and "Help and Support" were at the top of the list?

    I haven't played a lot of games using the app yet. It seems like here in the forums we do get people coming in every day to complain about their inability to realize when they get disconnected, leading to numerous lost games when they thought they were winning. There are a lot of angry people. Is there anything being done/ that can be done about that (letting people know when they get disconnected)?

    Also, there was a comment yesterday that a guy wants to be able to flip the board when watching games on the app. http://www.chess.com/forum/view/suggestions/feedback2 He liked the app overall, describing it as "gorgeous".

     Please use this thread to post new suggestions. https://www.chess.com/forum/view/general/andriod-app-update-pushed-out-yesterday . We constantly do a lot of investigations about mobile apps disconnections. Sometimes it's related to our server-client issues, but sometimes it's just slow network connection.


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