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New e-mail address?

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    I'm making the slow transition to a new e-mail address, and would like to use it for Chess.com. Is there a way to do this, or would I have to form a new account?


    EDIT: It's really not necessary to tell me that I should turn off e-mail notifications. I want e-mail notifications. Please don't answer questions that I didn't ask. 

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    why, do you want chess.com to e-mail you every single time one of your opponents have made a move?
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    almost 30 e-mails a day is what happens when you do let them send you an e-mail when it happens that is why I got off the e-mail list
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    that's also a reason i never check my e-mail, unless i'm expecting a message for activating an account on a site, beacuse everything else is junk.
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    You can change your notification parameters... I only get emailed if I get a message or a note... I never recieve game notifications because I told it not to send them. There's no reason you should be getting 30+ a day unless your settings tell it to, y'know?
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    You can modify your alert settings so that an e-mail is not sent to you....
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    you can just change your own email address. click on your name in the upper-right corner of any screen.

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