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not receiving alerts

  • #1

    I am a member of lots of various vote chess games but the only alert I get is when someone comments on the game notea

  • #2

    I am getting all of mine, Donna.  Check your alert settings, specific to THAT group.

  • #3

    Darling  that Hat is you.

  • #4

    I cant even find a setting to turn it on or off, only for new VC game.

  • #5

    It looks like the only option is whether or not to get new game alerts, so that's not it.  Within the game in question, ask the other Team Mambers in the Comments, then.

  • #6

    In most they do but I should be getting my own alert telling me that it's our move?

  • #7

    Is this in VC `all games, or just some?

  • #8

    All the one's I've joined

  • #9

    You should. But it's not a Message, it's more like in the Group Activity stuff in the upper right of your Home Page.

  • #10

    I know it comes up same place as group alerts and comments I just don't get a thinh

  • #11

    blackfirestorm666 the same is happening to me

  • #12

    So is it a bug?

  • #13

    Still not getting any alerts and no staff commenting?

  • #14

    You are not even at 200k profile views. You are slippen.


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