Number of team members - bug



The number of members of Team Russia at my Home page and the team's or my group's page is different. 
Here at I see that the number of members of team Russia is 660

However at and the number of members displayed is different and is equal to 604.

The same is with other groups I belong to.

Four members of team Russia also confirm they have the same bug and no one has denied the problem.
Deleting cookies and cash does not help.

Thank you!


Guys, can you please fix this?


Make something.The same bug


So how many Russians are there?

heinzie wrote:

So how many Russians are there?

This bug is not only with Team Russia, but with other groups too :) You can check it yourself.

For example the World League group. At my home page ( I can see that the # of members of the World League group is 769, while at the group's page ( the # of members is 691. So what is the true number?




I have also noticed the difference in number of members at my page and my group pages.

kohai wrote:


Thank you

This is not a critical bug at all and it can even hardly be called a "bug". We just noticed this minor problem and decided to tell you about it.

It is clear that the # of members at one's home page is wrong. The correct number can be seen at a group's page or here  (IMO)


Please let us know where the correct number is.