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Eugen R

Moscow, Russia
May 30, 2007
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2 days ago

    Once in 2007 I was happy to encounter chess.com and joined it immediately. This chess site was just created, and even no online chess was available! At that moment I couldn’t even imagine it would evolve into the best chess site on the Internet! Smile

    I learned to play chess with a computer program lacking real game experience vs human. I am a strong intermediate player, sometimes unstable though. More often middle game is the main cause of this instability. My strong points are opening and endgame. And my weakness, as I have already mentioned, is middle game. Perhaps that's why the following style of play has been shaped: I usually trade away pieces and seek chances in the endgame.

    I used to play e4 as white (Ruy Lopez, Scotch game). But now I am an apologist of the Sokolsky (Polish, Orangutan) opening (1. b4). As black I like the French defense against e4; and I am currently trying out the Budapest Gambit against 1. d4 (1... Nf6 2. c4 e5).

Here are some of my best games in live chess:

1. My best win so far against a 2278 opponent in a 5|2 live chess team match:

 2. And another game against a 2021 opponent in a 3|0 super-blitz:

3. Crazy checkmate against a 1581 opponent (3|0 super-blitz):

4. Famous Budapest trap against a 1648 opponent (5|0 blitz):

5. Cute smothered mate against a 1584 player (3|2 super-blitz):

    I also like to listen to some good music, especially when it is a good music video. Here are some of my favourite music videos:

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