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    so anyway guys n guyettsso how am i doing im serious no fooling around now its all clear, i got another biggy for ya ok how am i supposed to improve i play n play n lose n lose ocasioually i win but then i lose lose lose can u get the proffessor to help me please now uall think im jokeing around n im not i seriously am looking for help theres things in chess i dont know n i wanta  learn. so cant we all just get along n im still ur friend. oh this ratatouie

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    ratatouie,,Please look at the top of your screen .Click on LEARN and it will show you . If you still have problems , I will try to help even though I dont know that much either . This is rettadrennen

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    The learn features are very helpful, and since you have a premium membership, you have access to quiet a bit of stuff there. Beyond that, though, there isn't a magic bullet that makes you suddenly good at chess

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    I always tell beginners that the only way to learn is to lose a lot of games. I don't know what happened. You should be really good by now.

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    chrisr2212 isnt combos a snack that u eat?

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    I enjoyed reading these posts a little too much.

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