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opponent wins by time out while in check

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    I usually play 1 minute rated games. I’ve noticed this several times recently where it seems to register my move (which puts my opponent in check - all is fair to win a 1 min game lol) my opponent is left with something ridiculous like 0.2 seconds on his clock, and the notification comes up that I’m out of time.

    However that doesn’t make sense because it’s my opponent’s turn and he’s in check. The last move registered was mine, not his.

    Has anyone else noticed this issue?

    I have a screenshot to make it clear, but I’m writing from the mobile app and I don’t see where to upload it.

    Also, the error report/feedback in the app doesn’t work it just freezes.
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    Check the game in your archive. There is a very good chance your move did not reach the server in time, either because you ran out of time and lag correction didn't allow it or because you got disconnected before the move was received.

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    My old android must now be a dinosaur to be so slow with chess.com.Works fast on my gameknot subscription.Went back to old foremat to try to speed services.Really lost the essence of the functionality to deliver a desired format.


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