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Order of team players

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    My question:

    How to choose sequence of players in a group team match other than rating based?

    Players get automatically paired from their current rating status. Let's say that team captain (group admin) thinks that ratings are meaningless, shouldn't be used* and he/she wants create another sequence (e.g. move low rated player up). How to do it?

    And what if a player doesn't want to play certain player from opponent team? He has blocked him. Can he avoid to be paired against him?

    *This is also my opinion. Ratings shouldn't be used to sort players. Arpad Elo told the same. Moreover online ratings are totally meaningless.

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    Still no answer?!

    I have asked, how to change order of team players before match starts, or how to force system to ignore ratings during registration.

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    Well, Polar_Bear, you should be suggesting this to the staff, not expressing it in the forums.

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    There is no way to change the order of players for your team match... sorry :-( .

    I'll try to find out what happens when one player is on another player's blocked list.


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