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pawn promotion

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    i've been playing live chess on iphone and the app didn't alow me to promote pawn in http://www.chess.com/livechess/game.html?id=254581811# move #49..

    in http://www.chess.com/forum/view/general/pawn-promotion7  Metastable noticed that analysis board allows to promote, so there's possibly a bug in iphone client (or somewhere else)

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    Sorry was looking at white

    I dont understand either. maybe you cant promote while in check?

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    That's got to be a bug. I have a guess about how it happens too... you interpose the pawn to block check (and promote) but while the game waits for your promotion choice (Queen rook etc.) the bug in the code has your pawn unaccounted for/no longer in existence > exposing the king to check > illegal! The coding equivalent of some newb yelling that while you lift your pawn off the board to replace it with a queen the king is exposed to check!   

    That's my theory anyway... . 

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    that could be possible. some line of code that may say




    pawn.taken, pawn.promoted to readline()

    but the pawn is considered not there first, making it so you are still in check and called an illegal move

    btw this would be the equivalent in VB.net

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    I was unable to promote a pawn on the iPhone app. Lost my game because of that, as it went to timeout. I some king of piece appeared above my pawn on row 8, but I could not tap it to do anything. :-(

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    that is strange

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    could it be that both people that are having problems are in different countries?

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    Hello, again

    I have to admit that my first email was not correct. I discovered when I logged on to chess.com on my computer later that I had actually WON the game, because my opponent had resigned. Strangely enough, the iPhone app did not show this (at least in a way I could see this clearly), but this must have been the reason I was not allowed to promote my pawn. But why did the app show that my time went out? There is something not totally working with this app...

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