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PGN Download not working

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    I tried downloading all my games with select all then download pgn and it worked fine but it only downloaded the most recent 50 of my games - the first page. So I went back onto my games archive and I noticed the "Download all my games in to one pgn" button. So I did that and a few minitues later I got the email and downloaded the pgn but I couldn't put it on Scid because it wan't in the right format even though the first time it was. Why is this and how do I fix it?

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    Can anyone help?

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    Have you tried opening it in another GUI?

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    I don't know, It depends what a GUI is

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    SCID is a GUI: graphical user interface. Arena is another one. ChessDB and chessbase are others.

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    Well no then, i havn't downloaded any other Gui's. The Download that worked looked like this:

    And the one that didn't:

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    OK, rename the file to Whateveryouwant.pgn

    The important thing is to delete the .html in the end, and make it end with ".pgn"

    If that doesn't work, try opening the file with an internet browser. It should open up and show the pgn text.

    Then copy all text and paste into a notepad file. Save the file. Then, rename the file to whatever.pgn

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    Thanks, it worked! Much appreciated :) All i had to do was take the .html off :D


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