Photo / Image on Profile Page


Can anyone help?

I've just added a photo / image to my profile, yes I've finally got organised. However I can see it when I go into My Home but when I click on "view my public profile" it doesn't appear. All I get is the default grey image. Could someone have a look at my public profile and let me know if it comes up, it's a photo of me with a hat and sunnies on at a race track. Maybe this is how it's meant to be ie. doesn't show up when you have a look at your own public profile. Thanks in advance for your assistance.



I see it. Hit refresh (f5).


Thanks xMenance, hit F5 and can now see it. I assumed that all you needed to do to refresh it was exit out of it then re-enter. I even logged right out and logged in again but didn't work. The F5 button have to remember that one.