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pieces won't move on my apple computer

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    for the last few days, after I choose to play chess live, and the game begins, my touchpad doesn't move a piece. If i refresh, it will move one piece, but then i have to wait for my opponent to move, and then i have to refresh, and again, it only allows me to move one piece, once.


    any ideas what's wrong but especially how I can make it right?...i really miss playing !!!!

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    Sorry you're having trouble making moves! Can you please let me know what device, operating system, and browser you're using?

    Thanks for the info :)

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    thanks for your response.....

    macbook pro....not sure what operating system, but whatever's standard is likely (happy to find out if can help me learn where to look) and safari...

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    In the top right corner of your screen click the apple, then click About This  Mac.  When you have Safari open you can click on the Safari menu pictured below as well, and then go to About Safar and you'll see the version listed there. Thanks!!
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    OS X version 10.9


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