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please look into this matter, don't know it is only my problem

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    Why is it always Indians complaining about how power outages might tarnish their "fair play policy" stats here?  Is this a cultural thing?

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    At least monsoons aren't washing away the chessboards.

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    Yeah but think about it, most developing nations have spotty electrical and internet service in places right?  But anyone on here complaining about it is bound to be from India. 

    Not only that, but it's not just some RobinCrowley-style rant about F*CK I GOT DISCONNECTED AGAIN DAMMM IT!  but each time the Indian poster discussed the power outage primarily as it related to the "fair play" policy.

    I just find those factors interesting. 

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    I kinda miss those RC rants.

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    sara_manju wrote:

    yes now it seems thess.com staff have braught little changes to fair play policy. very grateful to u sir for addressing our concern

    Make our country proud by atleast spelling right.  Anyways, I hope ur issue is resolved.  Please try the help sections before posting such issues.

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    sara_manju wrote:


    @Ironknight777 i don't think contri's pride is in splling eglish correct because of such narrow minded peeple India is not still not able to stand inline with devolopeed countries. not only that i am proud that knowing only little english i could convey what i wanted to and now very happy after getting my issue resolved.so i got what i wanted and never wanted to show that we indians know english. i regret ur narrowmindedness according to u nobody can be proud without knowing proper english.hope u will understand my english.

    If it's a question of the English language being the 'evil' you condescend to barely use, why not boycott anything using the English language? You shouldn't even by trying to use this site to begin with, as it insults your pride to do so.

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    Would a laptop with enough battery time to tide you over the power cuts help?  Assuming you could beg, borrow or steal one.

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