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posting in forums

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    My home desktop is running 32 bit Vista, and I recently upgraded it to IE9.  Now I can no longer post in forums from that machine.  It acts very laggy when I am trying to post and it does not 'take' when I push the submit button, it just hangs.


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    Did you try "upgrading" your IE9 to firefox or chrome?

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    You can have more than 1 internet browser.  As a certified luddite, I was extremely loathe to try Chrome, but it took less than 1 half hour to get everything up and running.   It's not my default browser; I just use it for chess, but much faster than  Explorer.

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    lol, I understand the IE is not the best option but I a not all that inclined to fool around with a 4 y/o desktop that is mostly used by my kids.  The more important issue to me is that chess.com knows that there may be a compatibility issue with IE9.

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    Staff is just going to ask you to clear your browser cache and try it again.

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    Oops.  Me and my big mouth.  Curiosity had me searching the site and it turns out IE9 is not supported by chess.com.  Recommendation is to revert to IE8 or install another browser.  My bad.


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