Premature time-outs in blitz games?


I've lost several games now by "losing on time" when I have - in fact - not run out of time.  It seems that whenever I'm playing a blitz game (3 - 0 games to be specific) if I don't make a move within 15 seconds (because I'm thinking, obviously) the game just sets my clock to zero and I lose automatically.  Is this supposed to be some stupid measure to prevent people from allowing their clock to run down when they're losing?  Because when I have a minute left on the clock and I spend 10-15 seconds thinking in a complicated position and suddenly lose, it's very aggravating.


To be clear: I'm NOT lagging, my clock is NOT gaining or losing time after each move (to compensate for server lag, latency, etc.), and I'm NOT running out of time.  I'll have 30+ seconds left on my clock and the game will decide that I have lost on time.  If this is a bug, I'm tired of losing because of it.  I'd rather lose because I -actually- ran out of time, not because the game thinks I'm taking too long to make a move.

Edit: for further clarification, I know for a fact that I'm not just losing focus of my clock and running out of time unawares.  For every instance that this has happened, that little warning "hiss" sound that plays when you reach 10 seconds left hasn't played.  


The forums aren't the best place to report a bug like this. Try


I thought this was the "help and support" forum?  >.>