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Premium upgrade

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    Hi there,

    I assume this question has already been asked here, but I did neither found a thread nor a FAQ entry…

    The upgrade page says:

    You can change plans any time without losing your membership credit! Simply choose your new plan and your existing membership credit will be applied to your new membership plan.

    So if I pay 49$ for a one-year Platinum membership, can I say „Here, you get another 7$ (difference between Platinum and Diamand) and I‘d like to have Diamond membership for one month? Or can I just upgrade to the one-year Diamond membership?

    I would really like to see the possible options of upgrading. ;)

    Thanks in advance, Keba. :)

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    I believe you have to sign up for a year or else upgrade your current membership at least to the end of your current annual subscription. You can also "downgrade" at any time, as far as I know

    Go to HELP & SUPPORT and contact the staff to double-check my "facts" or else send a message to Eric or Kohai with your questions.


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