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Problem posting notes, staff won't help!

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    I've had a problem posting notes for quite a while. (about 5 months)

    I think I first got it after my account was closed for a day a couple times, but the reason my account was closed in the first place was because the chess.com spam detector thought I was "spamming" when I was sending member greetings to new members for Chess Unlimited. As soon as this happened, I stopped sending the greetings. However, occasionally I sent notes on member's profiles and got my account closed. I tried one last time, and I realized that my account was being closed for every time I posted a note. I stopped posting notes, but I would like to have that feature back.

    Could a staff member resolve this?

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    Spam detector doesn't like non-premium members so I think 5 months ago your premium membership expired.

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    Yep, that's correct. right when my membership expired, My account closed. But the staff hasn't answered any of my messages, tickets, or notes.

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    really? that sux. i'v been closed twice4"so-called-spamming" aswell from posting in2many group notes2quickly but staff resolved the issue both times w/in a few hours & wr extremely helpful. i'v never had a paying membership (tho i'm considering it).Undecided

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    Yeah, I would really like it if the staff would care.

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    I did, about 5 times.

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    Submit some money with your ticket.  That may help.

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    The_Chess_Ninja, I show that you wrote in twice about this issue and most recently my colleague has asked you for more information about the problem. Did you receive her email? 

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    I will go check my email right now. 

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    okay, I'm waiting for a response. 

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    Woah calm down

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    Yeah I've had the same problem as TCN, and now that meebo is gone, we would really like if could posts notes.

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    well, your problem isn't as bad. Your notes are not disabled. Laughing

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    So staff, any news on this? We're waiting for a response.

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    M-W-R, who are you trying to post notes to (does this happen for every note you try to post or just to certain people) and what error do you see when you try to post?

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    Well, my account has only been banned once, for "spamming" on group notes (which I wasn't, I was just posting really fast). I've never tried sending a note to a person, but seeing what happened the The_Chess_Ninja, I figured it's best not to try. I could try posting notes on other people's pages, but I'm just worried that my account could close.

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    That's just cruel. I post notes in groups and nothing ever happens. 

    @TCN: Is the problem fixed yet?

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    So just specifically what is the problem?

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    What's a sissie?

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