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Problems playing since a few day

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    We'll see if they are able to help us if we ask in English...

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    Judging from the huge amount of temporary or full disconnects I experience from my worldwide opponents those days (and I'm not talking about those guys who abusively disconnect after they blundered their queen or realized that I can defend against Scholar's Mate), it's not a problem particularly affecting German users.

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    I think it might be a problem of the provider, who hosts the server(s) for Europe. If he is using the infrastructure of Deutsche Telekom, it might be problematic. They are big, but slow and 100% inflexible. DNS routing is looking for the closest host to get/send data of a network to, and for Europe this might be the host here.

    @Piotr: Any changes planned?

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    glist: I've messaged them, we'll see if we get any answer. live.chess.com domain unavailability for DT users is really out of Chess.com control at the moment (we don't have Live Chess server(s) in Europe as for now).

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    benkku: We haven't noticed any increase in disconnects for other members. At least, our monitoring tools don't show such issues and our members don't report problems.

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    @ Piotr: Thank you. If I can support here, pls. let me know.

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    piotr wrote:

    benkku: We haven't noticed any increase in disconnects for other members. At least, our monitoring tools don't show such issues and our members don't report problems.

    Well, as far as I am concerned, I've had several games per day where my opponent was disconnected for more than a minute (quite a lot in a 5|2 game).

    As of today, it is again entirely impossible to play live chess.

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    Yes, thanks for all the disconnects and interruptions today! Makes the game more funny and gives it another thrill.

    Since yesterday, most of my Asian playing partners have the same problems.

    @Piotr: It would be great to find a real and final solution for it!!! live.chess is one of the core components of this website.

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    When live.chess.com is unavailable for you, can you do a trace route and email to me at piotr@chess.com?


    Run "cmd" in Windows and type "tracert live.chess.com". Send me the output. In Linux it is "traceroute live.chess.com". Thank you


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    You can also send me the output of trace route when live.chess.com IS AVAILABLE for you. I'll compare those two.

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    Email to me please.

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    Hi. They just replied and recommended trace route for investigation. It should actually be "tracert live.chess.com". Please take a look.

    Sehr geehrter Herr,

    vielen Dank für Ihre Anfrage. Gern helfen wir Ihnen bei Ihrem Anliegen.

    Die betroffenen Nutzer können zu der Zeit, in der der Aufruf Ihrer Webseite nicht möglich ist, einen Tracert ausführen.
    Um ein Tracert auszuführen, starten Sie unter Windows bitte die MS-Dos Eingabeaufforderung (z.B. über "Start / Alle Programme / Zubehör).
    Hier geben Sie den Befehl "tracert" gefolgt von der fehlerhaften Domain ein.

    Beispiel: tracert www.chess.com

    Bestätigen Sie die Eingabe mit der Taste Enter auf Ihrer Tastatur.

    Wird die Routenverfolgung vorzeitig beendet, z.B. durch die Meldung "Zeitüberschreitung der Anforderung" ist der letzte aufgeführte Server vermutlich die Fehlerquelle. Allerdings unterbinden einige Anbieter eine Routenverfolgung. Daher muss auf jeden Fall gegen geprüft werden,  ob das Tracert auf einem PC identisch ist, der die Seite aufrufen kann. Sollte der Vergleich bestätigen, dass die Routenverfolgung nicht vollständig ist, wenden Sie sich bitte an den Betreiber des letzten aufgeführten Servers.

    Sollte der Betreiber die Deutsche Telekom AG sein (erkennbar an dtag.de, t-online.de etc.) dann teilen Sie uns bitte folgende Informationen für eine weitere Analyse mit:

    T-Online Nummer:
    Betroffene(r) URL(s):
    Zugangstechnik (Modem/ISDN/DSL):
    IP-Adresse ( www.t-online.de/ip ):
    Zugewiesener DNS: 
    Datum und Uhrzeit:
    genaue Fehlerbeschreibung:

    Um uns die Informationen zu senden, starten Sie bitte die Störungsmeldung online auf der Seite: http://hilfe.telekom.de/hsp/cms/content/HSP/de/262/Startseite/Technischer-Service/Stoerungsmeldung-online

    Sollten noch Fragen offen sein, stehen wir Ihnen selbstverständlich gerne weiterhin zur Verfügung.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

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    The typical "kill them with details" answer :-)

    I will send it to them and see what happens. I bet the answer will be "sorry, this is not inside of the Telekom server structure and the problem is at the targetet website."

    Anyone bets against it?

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    I keep starting a 5 min blitz game and 45 seconds or so lately it says my opponent wins due to time out, and I'm like are you kidding me??? It keeps doing it to me, am I doing something wrong, are they forcing me to a paid subscription? What's the deal, I've lost 84 rating points in two days, please help??? I tried finding a place to report or get help, can't locate that either :(

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