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Publishing Puzzles and Diagrams in our website

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    does anyone know how to publish these kinds of puzzles in our websites?

    we can use analysis board and editor to publish games in our sites because there is a embed function  .. but here in the toolbar we can edit puzzles and post them but I couldn't find anything about embedding puzzles in the posts.. help me pls..

    For Example : How can I publish this following puzzle in my website?

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    You can use the Analysis Board Editor

    Once you've used the Analysis Board to enter moves, then go onto the Position Setup it allows you to 'Copy Diagram to Embed'. This is the function that lets you paste the diagram onto another website.

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    thanks for your answer but I can't edit puzzles in Analysis Board and Editor, am I missing something there? Are there any function to edit puzzles like we do here in the post? I can edit games in position setup then publish it in my site but that is not what I want... I want interactive puzzles in my site...

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    I'll check

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    My mistake sorry. You can use the Editor for games, not puzzles.

    As far as I'm aware, we don't have anything to embed puzzles sorry.

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    Then could u offer me independent editor to edit and publish my interactive puzzles in my website? thnx for your help


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