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Question regarding payment with debet card

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    It's possible that this question has been asked before, but after searching for some time on this forum, I did no find the answer, so I'll pose it anyhow.

    I'd like to become a premium member, but to do so I need a credit card. Now it so happens that I don't have one, but I'm perfectly capable of performing international transactions with my debet-card: "maestro" from the belgian bank "ING". 

    Is there any way of performing a transaction with my debet card to some bank account in order to activate my premium membership?

    I could include a personalised or structured message, so it's clear the payment was made for this account.

    Again, my apologies if this has already been asked/answered.


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    Hi Lamber! Please send in a ticket here to our billing department:


    Hope that helps!

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    Ok, thanks for the support.

    I've also created a PayPal account, but when I want to pay with PayPal, I have to insert a credit card number... The reason I opened a PayPal account was to avoid this by paying with uploaded, virtual money.

    But however, this problem lies with them, not the chess.com website.

    I'm also conversing with them about getting round the credit card issue.

    I'll use whichever solution that poses itself first.

    I'll be in touch

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    Can anyone tell me what my payment to chess.com looks like on my bank statement?


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