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    Surprised That is quite something.

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    AND ALL IN CAPITALS!!!!!!! Cool

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    The message you've received about your restriction is an automated message that the system sends. All of your games are monitored for fair play. When you stall, abort, or even disconnect from the game- the system automatically takes note. 

    I currently don't show that you should be under any restriction- but if you are having any technical problems with games being aborted, please write into us (heres a link to the ticket center, which is generally the fastest way to get a reply: http://support.chess.com/Tickets/Submit) and we can try to get the issues figured out for you :) 

    Our sincerest apologies if you felt insulted, as thats not our intention.  The fair play policy isn't put there with the intention of making things difficult for anyone, we just want to make sure everyone plays fair.

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    This is a little nuts.  Some flaw in the system doesn't require a long, hateful letter full of paranoid accusations.  It also seems more appropriate to contact support personally instead of on the public thread.  You come here to relax from the real world, but chess.com is part of the real world and therfore imperfect.

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    staff is very tolerant.

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    Did you allow the game to auto abort several times when it was your first move?  That's supposed to count, I think.

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    Alright, I think I need to see that movie.


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