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"Recalling" a previous tactical problem

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    Is it possible to "recall" one of the tactical problems that I recently had?  If it makes any difference, the problem I'm looking for is the next to last one I worked on.

    It was a very cool problem and I want to send it to my fellow checc club members.  Thanks.

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    Try this: Go to Tactics Trainer and click on "Performance" instead of "Start Training". Scroll down and you should get a list of your most recent problems. Click on the ID numbers to take a look at the problems, once you've found the one you want you can copy the link and send it to your friend.

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    Perfect!  Thank you.  I can't do it on my phone, but I was able to do it on my PC.  BTW, the problem ID is 0000924.  I've never seen a comparable tactic.

    Thanks again HappyUngulate.

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    A fun one indeed. Goes right into my own tactics database.


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