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    Hi. Can you please check out my front page? Some idiot wrote some racist remarks only because he lost a few games to me. We didn't even chat during any of the mathces. Please remove this user. I fould feel a lot better if you let me know what business is taken care of. Thanks.

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    This is very rude of him.
    You can block him and he won't bother you again.



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    I know, but that only helps me. I'm sure he's doing this to others too...

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    If he is, they can block him too.

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    I agree with you soonboon. People like this should be banished from Chess.com! I also think when cheaters are found out that chess.com should ban their Mac address so they can no longer play online, on top of that chess.com and icc.com should talk with one another about cheaters this way if someone is found cheating on one site they can be banned on all chess sites. Cheating is taking away from the game of chess, as is racism. You look like an alright fellow to me, and if you ever want to play soonboon shoot me a game invite or find me on live! Hopefully you will find classier people to play against in the future man! Don't let 1 a-hole ruin it for you though. Have a nice day everbody be easy!

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    I often encounter rudeness when I play Go on Kiseido Go server.  Comments such as "game is over, you are wasting my time."  And if I comment back like "Oh so you are arrogant, get a life, prick", I get warned by the admins there.  Im not sure what the point of racism is anyways.  It doesnt address the personal offense of one player to another and is stupid.  There really isnt any way around this problem ultimately because if one player is banned, they go somewhere else.  Hardly comforting.  My thought is that I need my opponents as much as they need me.  I may ultimately not like the person may not like their play, but I still can learn from them, as uncomfortable as it may be.  But comments during game play, I dont seek to censore, even if they are obnoxious.  As a sidebar, there are many complaints about cheating on this site or in chess as a game.  This is a given as chess as a game has been solved.  Try playing wei-chi or go and cheat.  Good luck, it cannot be done and will not ever be able to be possible, as computers do not have the capability of artificial intelligence, they are not a biological organism.  As such to those concerned with cheating, perhaps see chess for the tactical and less strategic fight that it is.  In my life I find constant harassment.  Not necessarily overt or uncalled for like racism, but constant annoyances of people either in my way, acting stupidly, or saying dumb things.  All that said I have to accept it as I live in this world, but I dont like it.  One secret I have found helpful, is that when problems arise, dont be there.

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    It beats me why anyone would want to be racist I always thought of chess as a multi national, multi cultural game. Racism must not be tollerated and surely anyone making racis comments will be banned from the site wont they? Incidentally I may be being naive but what is classed as cheating in online chess?


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