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Rating in online chess

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    The rating in live chess is very clear and it updates after each game. But in online chess, where I have up to 10 games at the same time the rating strategy seems to be very strange. How often is a rating update and how will it be calculated? Are there separate ratings for standard chess and chess960 or just for live chess and online chess?

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    You receive a rating update for each game you play, depending on the rating of your opponent. You can see your rating update in details for online chess, just click show rating adjustment.

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    having viewed Herman's rating, I would concur that he has a point. I have a 960 rating of 230 more than Herman (though he regularly beats me in face to face games !!)

    He has had two good wins over me lately, but his 960 rating has remained static.

    Can someone review this & advise what the situation is .  Thanks

  • #4

    He was playing you in unrated games. Challengers can set whether a game is rated or not.

  • #5

    Timothy, you are right this could have been my mistake. How can I see on a running game whether it is rated or unrated?

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    Click on the game and go to details where it should say what the rating adjustment is if it is a rated game.

  • #7

    Thanks for all your comments. Now everything is clear.


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