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Removal of a tournament participant

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    I created a tournament that allows vacation. A participant hasn't been online for nearly two months now. Is there a point at which chess.com agrees that enough is enough, before they will remove the person for non participation ?

      I can see using 3 or 4 weeks for vacation and even forgetting to tell anyone or needing an extra day between moves once or even twice a week to accomadate a busy schedule, but it seems as if the person has no interest in returning or something serious has happened to them and perhaps will "never" return.

    Could someone from staff please help us, this is holding up our tournament ?

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    Contact the staff directly via Help & Support at the bottom of the page. They don't monitor everything that gets posted here.

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    thanks nimzo....I'll give em a minute and see what happens

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    GOOD LUCK I'm not optimistic that the staff will do anything if the player in question has enuff vacation time to dilly-dally


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