Renewing membership = Diamond

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    Have a problem renewing my Diamond membership, how do I contact staff, or whom ever handles membership dues etc.?

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    diamond club.

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    much thanks to both of you, and I agree it does help make this site awesome.

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    Ok, Maybe I am not too bright for a chess player, but where do I find the "HELP" icon/button?Embarassed  The only thing I was able to find is an area where you type in your question and press search and they see if some one else has asked that question before, very cold if you ask me...

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    at the bottom of the page you should see

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    Yes, I got through, Oh and piphilogist is incredibly smart, and helpful, should make him an honorary diamond  member forever!Smile

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    Well, you've got another diamond member coming up! I just sent off my money order for a full diamond membership on Tuesday, so I'm looking forward to getting enrolled.

    This is hands down the best chess site I've ever seen, and I'm eager to test out its features.

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    Wow, look at all the diamonds!  ^_^

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    This site is the best chess site with all the features and whatnot. But I can't stand how popular speed chess is with everyone.

    "Playing rapid chess, one can lose the habit of concentrating for several hours in serious chess. That is why, if a player has big aims, he should limit his rapidplay in favour of serious chess."  -  Vladimir Kramnik

    "He who analyzes blitz is stupid" - Rashid Nezhmetdinov

    "Blitz chess kills your ideas." - Bobby Fischer (My chess idol)

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    GhostNight wrote:

    Yes, I got through, Oh and piphilogist is incredibly smart, and helpful, should make him an honorary diamond  member forever!

    I don't think could afford to give anyone who helps other members a free diamond membership :)

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    Do They let Americans live there? I did not know 60 lbs = $100.00 But I did visit London And ended up with alot of pocket change English money and it almost made my pants fall down soooo heavy! lolo Love the people there, even if they talk funny

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    lb = pound (weight)
    £ = pound (money)

    also there is an important difference between "pants" in america and "pants" in england.

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    My keyboard doesn't have the lb symbol that pip posted above and I cba trying to remember the ALT- sequence... which doesn't even work on my laptop anyway, so I keep using lb as well.

    'bout time lbs were terminated anyway.  Metric ftw ;-)

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    Diamonds? I thought it was a turnip!

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